The Efficiency Institute for Training and Development in the Sultanate of Oman, a scientific institution concerned with training, education and human resource development, and is linked to a number of educational and cultural institutions locally and internationally. Humanity.

Al-Kafaa Institute is an activity of the Dar Al-Kafaa Foundation, which was established on August 2, 1997 (under Commercial Registration No. 6055907). It is located in the historic city of Sinaw in the Sultanate of Oman, which is one of the most important cities in the North Sharqiyah Governorate. Thus, it contains cultural and commercial patterns characterized by diversity and cultural richness.

The Institute of Efficiency was established to be a platform for training and a source of continuous learning in the region. It is multidisciplinary, works to serve individuals, institutions and bodies, is concerned with raising the level of personal and professional skills, is concerned with developing levels of scientific and functional performance of individuals and works to enhance the competitiveness of institutions.

The Institute seeks to provide for all:
The platform for a successful future

the message
For this, he seeks to:
Providing real knowledge on the progress of specialists, the development of individuals and the development of society.

management structure



Services provided by the institute

  • Programs and training courses.
  • Learning support programmes.
  • Professional certificates.
  • International exams.
  • Educational and academic advice.
  • Training consultancy.